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Today I got my first fanart for Steampunk Gorgon, and I hope there will be more to come.The drawing below, you will recognize the characters at once, was done by Vas Littlecrow. I really like this drawing, and I would appreciate if other artists will sent their fanart as well. Don't be to shy to show your work. Vas Littlecrow is a female puertorican artist and former model, and she wrote a nice summary of Steampunk Gorgon on her own webpage, which I'm going to quote here:

"This webcomic is real deal steampunk as opposed to Victorians wantonly wearing corsets outside of their clothes and random gears attached on their tiny hats.  Zodiak actually cares about things like steam technology and the genre.  The story is set in an alternate history 1930's world and stars a gorgeous lady by the name of Medusa who lives for glamour and adventure.  Drawn and lettered by hand, this is a wonderfully retro offering. "

Thanks, Vas, I wish I would have written that myself.

You will find Vas Littlecrows own comics under the link below. WARNING: These are very personal comics made for mature viewers only. Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

Link to Vaslittlecrow

Now here we have some fanart by Sean Friend, showing Medusa with Captain Moosestash, the nice little old guy from his own webcomic "Cpt. Samuel T. Moosestash and the incredible flying machine". Great name, and an entertaining funny steampunk-comic as well.

Link to Captain Moosestash

And here is another drawing by Vas Littlecrow (link above), showing her charakter Zoya wearing a steampunk gorgon-t-shirt!

Should I produce some, what do you think?


Steampunk Gorgon: Webcomic

Steampunk Gorgon: Excerpt of animation-movie project - Full Quality

Steampunk Gorgon: Excerpt of animation-movie project - Youtube

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